Went to a boat builders…

In my quest to build my boat I went and talked to the folks at APEX Boats. They’re a local builder here in Costa Rica, and mostly build inflatables, so I was a bit skeptical at first, but having been to their yard and talked to the guys there, I’m more at ease now about going further in discussions with them.

They’re currently reviewing the plans, and I hope to have a quote from them for two possible scenarios within a couple weeks:

  1. They do everything (except the sails); and
  2. They do just the hulls with portlights and standing rigging

The idea with the second quote is that this is where the majority of the cost will be I think, and as such, I can go at my own pace building that out taking advantage of downtimes throughout the year for discounted prices on various materials I’ll need.

Either way, expect to have more discussions with them between now and June. Hopefully get this started around August, if it’s with them or someone else (incl. doing it myself).

More to come…