Introducing my next boat…

Without holding onto this until the end, my next boat will be a 37’ Bridgedeck Catamaran by Kurt Hughes.

A couple things drew me to this boat, and they are in no particular order:

I’m expecting to start construction of this boat some time around June, 2017. I expect it will take me some getting going, working small scale to practice my technique for foam core construction so I can go into this a bit more confident. I’ll probably be ready to start on the boat proper, around August or September. I’m estimating that the build process from September onward to take me roughly two years and a half, to be ready for the start of the dry season in 2020. I’ll be blogging while I work on the boat in my spare time. I’m still a software engineer during the day time, so I won’t be full time on this project.

If you’d like to keep up with my process, by all means check back here often. My posts will cover the initial hunt for a place with enough space to build the catamaran, through learning techniques, construction, finishing and launching.

P.S. She’ll be named when she’s done.